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The impact of chiropractic care on sporting performance

It goes without saying that the state of your body will affect how you perform, particularly if you are an athlete. Structure dictates function, and better structures will give better chance at functioning at a higher level.

We have seen that effective and timely chiropractic care can play a key role in the successful preparation for athletic events and can aid recovery afterwards.

Providing chiropractic care for local athletes

At ProHealth Chiropractic we are very keen to help sportsmen and women improve their performance. Through our innovative Sponsored Athlete Programme we give a number of local athletes the opportunity to access our chiropractic services free of charge.

We use FMS and SFMA to assess the athletes level and identify limitations to essential simple movements before working out the best way to move forward.

You do not need to be in pain or have previously experienced pain to be part of our program.


UK BFF Fitness competitor 2015 – Nicole C

At a young age I was diagnosed with Scoliosis (x-ray to left) and at the age of 16 I had major surgery done to try to re-build and fuse my spine from it one day resulting me being in a wheelchair. I had the bottom 4 vertebrae fused with screws and a metal rod placed to keep it straight plus a rib removed for bone graft. I continued day to day life without seeking any medical help and thought the pains I endured on a daily basis were just my body adapting to the surgery and that it was just something I had to live with.
HOWEVER when going to see Michael Hannaway he very quickly explained and showed me that this was not the case at all and we began treatment. With me training twice a day everyday I very quickly started to see the improvements in not only my posture and how little pain was i was getting but how my performance increased during training! I would highly recommend anyone to Michael Hannaway and owe him and his team a huge thank you for helping me place 3rd in my first ever Fitness Comp!!!


Euxton Girls FC – 2016/17 Season

We worked with this local girls team run by former team member Nicola Barker. Euxton Girls FC have been working hard through various age ranges to promote the every expanding female football.

Chorley FC – 2015/16 Season

ProHealth Chiropractic Ltd has been able to work with Chorley FC and their great support team in order to gain the most possible from their players.
With chiropractic care we have been able to increase players functional ability in order to allow them to reach their true potential.

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