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GEMMA, 30, Accountant

Early last year I started experiencing really painful pins and needles and numbness in my finger tips. After a week it developed into constant numbness that was often painful, especially at work. I’d never had it before so I knew something wasn’t right.

I went to my GP and was sent to see a neurology specialist at Preston hospital. He carried out several tests on my joints and pressure points around my body. He found no obvious cause for numb fingers and I was sent for an MRI scan.

I returned to the neurologist for the MRI results, which was at least two months after the numb fingers had started. I was hoping for answers and a solution/remedy to get my fingers back to normal. However, the MRI scan showed nothing that would explain the numbness.

The neurologist suggested nothing further other than waiting to see how my fingers felt in 6 months time. This wasn’t good enough for me. It was beginning to get me down.
I visited ProHealth for my lower back and mentioned that my fingers had been numb for some time. Michael checked my neck and shoulders via a series of tests and stretches. During one of the tests I had a rush of feeling into my fingers that was pure elation after months of numbness.
Michael found that I had muscle spasms between my vertebrae which pinched onto the nerve as it exited my spine which was causing the numb fingers. Increase stress or activity caused these muscles to tighten further and stop the nerves working properly.
There was no instant remedy for the numbness, but the route of the cause had been identified. My treatment was lengthy due to the months of damage already done, due to it not being diagnosed faster.
Initially I was treated by Michael twice a week for a month, but then my treatment reduced to once a week, and then once every two weeks in month three of treatment. I now go once a month for treatment to prevent the numbness from returning.
I do believe in the NHS system but I am disappointed that they don’t refer patients to chiropractors. I had to unnecessarily suffer for longer than acceptable, and I know there are similar patients who aren’t aware that chiropractors can help them.
I cannot recommend chiropractors enough as an alternative therapy. It has improved my life massively.

CHARLOTTE, Dog Groomer

In 2016 I was diagnosed with a brain tumour and subsequently went through a major operation in January 2017, the recovery process was a long one and during the following 2 years I experienced constant headaches on an almost daily basis.
The assumption was that this was as a result of the brain tumour and that I would just have to put up with it.

In early 2019 I was recommended to visit Michael at ProHealth Chiropractic for a niggling problem with my back and neck, I had developed a “hump” at the top of my spine and as a self employed dog groomer. I found these issues were limiting how much I could do.

I had my initial consultation with Michael and an explanation of my medical history meant that he wanted to do more research on my problems considering my previous surgery. Luckily Michael took the time to research things properly and agreed to treat me.
Prior to my first chiropractic session Michael recommended some massage to help “loosen me up” and relax some tension.

My first treatment was nothing short of miraculous and after two or three sessions, I found that the headaches had subsided, my freedom of movement was greatly enhanced and I felt “normal” again for the first time in two years.

Subsequently I have continued to visit ProHealth Chiropractic for regular “top up” sessions and massages which have kept me feeling great, my “hump” is no longer there and the daily headaches have become a thing of the past!
I would recommend ProHealth Chiropractic Clinic to anyone who is suffering with constant headaches and tension. I can’t thank Michael and the team enough for giving me back a huge portion of my life.


​We are keen to give back to the local community through our sponsored athlete scheme.

Working with local individual sportsmen and women, as well as 1 selected team each year, we take care of their chiropractic and rehabilitation needs for a year to ensure they thrive when it matters most.

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