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The ProHealth Chiropractic (PHC) story started life as a side hobby and interest of Michael; whilst working in another practice, he developed a great interest in golf. He was drawn to the mechanics, the athletic skill, and the challenge of combining the HUGE power movements with accuracy of a sport he was starting to appreciate more and more.

ProHealth was born in 2015 when Michael agreed to have a small room built in a local driving range, where he could work with a few golfers in the relative warmth of the main building. Previously, he had used whatever outside bay he could, and in the cold of winter, that is not a great place to be.

He started seeing golfers from a tiny room in a driving range but was limited with capacity due to his commitments with his main practice. This eventually led to the hiring of 2 massage therapists and as time progressed, a sports rehabilitator (who would stay with the practice for 2 years before moving onto join a rugby backroom team in Jersey).

Back then, we had no real idea about running a business – just a passion for sport and the purpose to give great care to our golfers. However, as time went by, we realised that it was no longer a ‘golfer clinic’, we had all demographics, from young 5-year-old boys, to near 90-year-old women. We knew the driving range had been good to us, but it was no longer the ideal place for our new developing clinic.

PHC had to move and go from a small room 3x5m room – with no reception, no team to speak of – to the 2 story, 8m x 8m building on a business park, where we remain today.  This meant we grew, we had Elsa, Chloe and Paige start our reception team as well as welcoming 2 new sports therapists into the practice. Practitioners came and went; some to travel the world, return home, join the RAF, move to another country to start a new life. However, they all left with a great relationship with our clinic and its team. Through these changes our goal never altered, it just got bigger. We always strived to give outstanding care, be that chiropractic, injury rehab, massage, or simply a friendly face on reception to every person that gave us the privilege to look after their health.

Sports Massage
Our business grew further, with the hiring of an office manager, and new additions to the reception team, with Diane, Julie, and Rachael joining our practice. And in 2019, our practice took another step forward with the acquisition of Chloe and Amy, as well as welcoming our 2nd chiropractor – Paige (one of our original receptionists).

Our team is not here to change the face of chiropractic or health care, but we are here to change what patients think is possible for them to achieve in their lives. Reach their goals and keep going. We are in a great business, where a patient will start care with us for low back pain relief and stay with us because of the improvement it has given them in their life, beyond pain.

We started in 2015, the first few years were naively fun, the next few were scary, but now it’s exciting to see what we can do and where we can go”

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michael hannaway chiropractor

Michael Hannaway

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Paige King



Massage Therapist
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Amy Duckworth

Sports Rehabilitator


Office Manager







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