Chiropractic For Golf

Chiropractic diagnosis, treatment and management

Does your golf game need ‘adjusting’?

Chiropractors can help golfers to improve their game and reduce the likelihood of injury on the fairways in a number of ways, including spinal adjustments, pre-game stretching as well as rehabilitation exercises.

A passion for golf led Michael Hannaway to specialise in this area and he is the only Chiropractic TPI® (Titleist Performance Institute) Medical Professional in Lancashire, which means he is qualified to help golfers of all levels from keen amateur to professional player.

You’re in good company!

No golfers put in a perfect performance all the time, even those at the top of their game. TPI gave us the 12 most common swing faults….
  •  64.3% of players Lose Their Posture.
  •  64.3% of players Early Extend.
  •  55.9% of players Cast or Early Release.
  •  45.2% of players have a Flat Shoulder Plane.
  •  43.5% of players are Over-the-Top.
  •  38.5% of players have a Reverse Spine
  •  37.2% of players Sway.
  •  35.6% of players have a Chicken Wing.
  •  33.1% of players have C-Postures.
  •  32.3% of players Hang Back.
  •  31.4% of players Slide.
  •  25.3% of players have S-Postures

Do any of these faults look familiar? Every one of these characteristics can be seen on the PGA tour.

To see if your physical conditioning has caused these characteristics, why not come and see us at one of our clinics?


Let me start by saying where I DO NOT fit in the golfing world. I am not a golf instructor, I will not teach you how to play golf or how to swing. I will work alongside your instructor, with their direction we can identify what needs to change or improvement with your game. From here, we see which issues are due to ability, co-ordination or in fact a physical limitation stopping the golfer getting into the correct positions.

When assessing you, we will identify any physical limitations that may be causing your inefficiencies. Addressing these limitations will allow you to move forward in your journey to master the game of golf.

Initially we carry out our 16-stage body-swing connection testing. This allows us to see how your body is affecting your swing. Then we can move forward to our medical evaluation and fitness testing in order to understand why these limitations are present. After this information is gathered, we can develop a treatment plan that fits in with your goals and which also takes into account your coach’s approach.

Finally, we give ‘a prescription’ of drills, exercises and warm up routines for you to undertake before and after practice and rounds. This regime, combined with the physical aspects of chiropractic care, and correct tuition of course, should help you to reach your full potential

​Two areas of concern that often affect golfers are poor thoracic (mid-back) and hip mobility, both of which are necessary to create a consistent and powerful motion in the golf swing. This can lead to excess movement in the golf swing, over extending the low back and creating incorrect spinal angles which will lead to future pains when stressing the body.

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