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If you’re like many amateur golfers, you may have experienced frustration or even pain while playing. No matter how hard you try, you just can’t seem to get the power you want in your drive. The good news is that there is a way to fix this and improve your game!

Is something holding you back during lessons, preventing you from performing specific movements or drills? Can your body, do what your brain wants it to?

Michael’s passion for golf and extensive experience in chiropractic and injury rehabilitation make him the ideal partner for golfers seeking to improve their game. He is the only Chiropractic TPI® (Titleist Performance Institute) Medical Professional in Lancashire; combined with our team we are equipped with the knowledge and expertise to help you reach your goals through our M2M Programme.

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At ProHealth Chiropractic, our team of experts can help you identify and remove physical barriers that may be holding you back from a better golf game. Our goal is to help you achieve better controlled rotation in your swing while also reducing the risk of injury by adding stability and strength. This combination leads to a longer and more powerful drive, leaving it up to you and your instructor to see how far you can take your game.

Questions to Consider:

  1. Do you want to hit longer drives?
  2. Do you want to win more cups and avoid more cuts?
  3. Do you want to play more often without having to take time off to recover?
  4. Does pain reduce your enjoyment of the game?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, ProHealth Chiropractic may be able to help. Book an Appointment and Start Improving Your Golf Game Today!

Maximize Your Golf Performance with Our Multi-Level Screenings

Our TPI Level 1 screening exam assesses the relationship between mobility and stability in your body and how it affects your golf swing. With the help of 16 fundamental tests, we can identify your limitations and associated swing characteristics, giving you and your coach the opportunity to work around your physical limitations, or we help reduce or eliminate them.

An example of the benefits of this approach can be seen in Jon Rahm’s golf swing. The founders of TPI had the opportunity to work with Jon since he was a teenager and although their initial evaluation of him revealed many elite athletic qualities, mobility was not one of them. Rather than try to emulate the backswing of his peers, Jon matched his move to what his body could do and maximised his strengths. This is one of the primary reasons why Jon has a shorter backswing than the average TOUR player.

However, Jon has improved his movement capabilities over time and is now a world class golfer.

The SFMA is a comprehensive assessment designed to classify your movement patterns, pinpoint areas of the body that need further examination, and direct appropriate therapy and exercises. It works from 3 principles;

  1. Move Well. Move Often
  2. Protect. Correct. Develop
  3. Use a systematic approach

The SFMA provides a pattern-specific perspective of your movement. By identifying both movement dysfunction and pain specific to you, the SFMA eliminates guesswork and provides a complete differential diagnosis as often the cause of pain is not the source of pain. The SFMA also serves as a metric for movement and change, enabling us to quickly determine if our intervention has improved your local and global movement competencies.

Take your golf performance to the next level with our state-of-the-art 3D Motion Capture technology. Using the popular K-Vest system, we measure key aspects of your swing with 0.1° accuracy, including your ‘power signature’ and how you rank against other golfers and professionals.

Our analysis can reveal imbalances in your swing that can impact your performance, such as a weak core, shoulder, or wrist. We use this information to work with you and/or your golf instructor to address these limitations and help you improve your game.

For example:

  • A weak core or shoulder can ‘leak’ a lot of energy, resulting in less ‘umph’ at the ball.
  • A body turn of a 100° and a neck turn of 60° to the left can cause a sway off the central line.
  • A weak wrist can cause slow swing speed and poor contact

Our neurological putting assessment also evaluates your how you process information from your sight when assessing your putt. How is your depth perception? Do you visualise a balls path? What is your dominant eye? Most importantly, how do these affect your putting, your alignment, your ball markings.

Our Masters Level screening takes your golf performance to range, the gym and back again. This is done by testing your physical strength, power capacity, and key power generators. This includes push, pull, and combined power tests, as well as baseline fitness assessments.

Are you using your maximising your body’s capacity? Our assessment includes the K-Vest, allowing us to accurately measure your swing and physical capabilities. We can see how the body is transferring energy and power from your feet, through the core, mid back, shoulders, arm and club before finally making contact on the ball.

By addressing any limitations in your mobility, stability, strength, and power, you can move forward in your journey to master the game of golf.

Improve Your Golf Game with Our Comprehensive Screenings

Book your appointment today and start maximizing your golf performance!


No golfer puts in a perfect performance and some swing characteristics could be seen as faults, however if it is not resulting in a lose of power, sequence or increasing likelihood of pain then do we need to change them?

  • 64.3% of players Lose Their Posture
  • 64.3% of players Early Extend.
  • 55.9% of players Cast or Early Release.
  • 45.2% of players have a Flat Shoulder Plane
  • 43.5% of players are Over-the-Top.
  • 38.5% of players have a Reverse Spine

Of those above, Loss of Posture, Early Extending and Reverse Spine angle are most consistently linked with low back pain in golf. Understanding which characteristics and limitations are issues for you may allow you to play better and keep you playing for longer.

Do any of these look familiar to you?



Take your golf game to the next level with our “Masters to Masses” (M2M) program. Designed for golfers of all levels, – from weekend warriors looking to improve their distances and/or play without pain, to professional golfers striving for that extra 2%.

With advanced motion capture technology and a focus on mobility, stability, strength, and power, you’ll see real improvements in your game.

We offer a 3 month program, which incorporates all your physical needs and treatment within 1 package.

What’s included:

  • x3 level-4 screenings to monitor progress and ensure maximum improvement.
  • Body Swing Connection screening
  • SFMA assessment
  • Personal chiropractic course of care
  • Massage schedule
  • Rehabilitation program
  • Strengthening regime

Suitable for all levels and handicaps, our M2M program complements your golf lessons, never replacing them. Book a call today to discuss your personalized program.

  • Weekend Warriors: 

For golfers who only get to the course on weekends, let’s keep it swing simple but get the most from your time. We assess the full swing sequence and speed, body deceleration, posture, and identify any areas where they are losing speed or efficiency.

  • Low Handicap Golfers:

For low handicap golfers, our program optimizes practice to help them achieve consistency. We use biofeedback swing capture to break down the details of each swing, identify their strengths and weaknesses, and provide them with the knowledge and tools to improve their strengths and limit the impact of their weaknesses.

  • Pro-Golfers:

Let’s find that 2% improvement that can make a big difference. With multi-swing reports, we can assess a lot of information at the top of the swing and impact, identify areas for improvement, ensuring forward bend, rotation and side bend movements are synchronised and working together. The key for the best players is to reduce “standard deviation” or variability within the numbers, resulting in a smaller shot dispersion and tighter ball landings.


Partnering with Golf Pros and Instructors

At ProHealth Chiropractic, we understand the importance of a proper swing for golfers. Michael is not a golf pro or instructor and loves input from patient’s instructors. We work with golf pro’s on what they feel the main issues within a patients swing are and find a way to help them. As mentioned before, we are experts in finding and addressing the underlying issues that hinder your swing, but we always advise to see your pro to hon your movement and skills.

Our screenings and programs are designed to identify any imbalances or injuries that may be affecting your game. We don’t aim to teach you how to play or swing, but instead, help you perform at your best by addressing these issues. By combining chiropractic care with golf lessons, we can help you reach your goals and improve your game.

A friend used a great analogy that your golf game is a car, your pro is the driver deciding where to go and how fast, we are the mechanics ensuring we get there as safe as possible with as much power as they can use.




New Generation golf team work from Euxton Park Golf Centre and work closesly with ProHealth Chiropractic to supply us with the statics to judge performance

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