ProHealth Affiliated Team Programme

Through-out the history of ProHealth Chiropractic, we have forged strong relationships with local teams, and talented individuals in sport. In 2023, we would like to invite local teams, within all sports and performance levels to come on board and take advance of our new Affiliated Team Programme.

In our practice we have seen great benefits to athletes from chiropractic, massage and rehab which we are keen to share with as many local amateur and professional athletes as possible. These benefits include:

  • Improve range of motion
  • Increased flexibility and mobility
  • Quicker recovery
  • Enhanced performance
  • Greater speed and power
  • Reduce likelihood of injury

What does the program offer you?

Sports Health refers to the overall physical and mental well-being of individuals who regularly engage in sports and athletic activities. It includes aspects such as maintaining a healthy diet, getting enough rest, and participating in regular physical activity to improve athletic performance and reduce the risk of injury.

Additionally, it involves the management of sports-related injuries and rehabilitation to ensure a speedy and safe recovery. Sports Health is crucial for individuals who compete in sports at any level, from amateur to professional, as it can directly impact their performance, longevity, and quality of life

Our team are here to help you as much as possible, to improve your performance, reduce strain on your body. We aim to get you playing harder, with greater ease, for longer periods of time with efficient movements.

You will have access to our rehabilitation gym to work through injury rehabilitation.

Regular screenings taken through out the course of the season, and specific advice given to each player / athlete to perform at their highest levels.

The benefits to ongoing care are obvious, especially for sports, and those teams who are selected for you will have the advantage over other teams as we are only selecting 1 team from each category / league to work with.

Our goal is to being available to our patients and pride ourselves on feedback from patients explaining we are one of the quicker clinics to respond to patients.

Initial Chiropractic Consultation with Functional Movement Screening – £86 – £50.

Your initial appointment with Michael will be a thorough assessment and conversation about your goals and the kind of help you need. We will then advise on a plan of treatment with our team.

Standard Chiro Appointment – £37.50 – £33

30-minute rehab – £29.90 – £33

60-minute rehab – £49.80 – £55

These appointments, give our players the reduced pricing like those patients who have booked through payment plans within the clinic.

This offer will be available to local teams in Chorley, only one team in the same sport may take advantage of this affiliate scheme. Should your team wish to attend together we are happy to discuss offering a “screening event” for your whole team where each person will be able to chat to us about any injuries or problems and we can advise on the type of treatment that may be appropriate. This would be arranged at a mutually convenient time. These can be offered in clinic, or at your training facility if suitable.

About ProHealth Chiropractic

ProHealth Chiropractic have been providing care to our community since 2015. We currently have three chiropractors: Michael, Paige and Clare. Two Sports Rehabilitators: Amy and Jordan, and our Massage Therapist, Dan. We’re a team that believe working together can help our patients achieve their goals, whether that be sport related, or personal, so that you can be working optimally.

Who has our team worked with in the past?

Teams: Chorley FC, Wigan Athletes Academy, Accrington Stanley Academy, Euxton Girls, Plymouth Raiders – locum

Individuals from football clubs incl: Blackburn Rovers, Morecombe, Bolton Wanderers, Accrington Stanley, Burnley, Wigan Warriors, Walsall

Backroom staff: British Cycling, Wrexham, Dundee,

World / Euro Champions: Squash, Triathlon World Series, 10-pin bowling, Performance Acrobatics.

Affiliated Teams ProHealth
Affiliated Teams ProHealth

“I came in to see Michael for my lower back and hip area, when I came in, I couldn’t touch my toes, after treatment I can touch my toes again and I’m leaving pain-free and ready to play” – Alex Kenyon, Footballer

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