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Chiropractic Diagnosis, Treatment, and Management

Are you experiencing discomfort and seeking a chiropractor or specialist massage in Preston? Perhaps you need sports therapy and wish to inquire further about our chiropractic treatments. You can easily contact us or book an appointment online.

The ProHealth Chiropractic Clinic stands out as the top chiropractor in Preston because of our unique approach to medical care. Unlike other healthcare providers who rely on drugs, they take pride in their natural approach that relies solely on their expertise in understanding the musculoskeletal system. This means that in most cases, our healthcare approach is completely natural.

The primary focus of chiropractors is to treat pain in the neck and back. They apply manual techniques to adjust the joints in the spine and extremities, where they detect any limitations in movement, with the objective of enhancing flexibility and reducing discomfort. They may also provide recommendations on lifestyle, exercise, diet, and self-help.

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Sports Therapy and Physio in Preston

Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation

At the ProHealth Chiropractic clinic, we offer specialised care for both adults and children with the help of our professional team. We strongly believe in teamwork when it comes to providing healthcare, which is why our healthcare professionals regularly attend workshops to ensure our patients receive exceptional care. Our focus is on establishing trust between patients and chiropractors, which is vital for providing personalised attention to each patient.

Gentle and Safe Adjustments

The primary focus of chiropractic treatment is to use safe and usually gentle techniques to adjust the spine or other parts of the body where there is restricted movement. This limited range of motion can adversely affect the functioning of both the spine and the entire body, potentially causing nerve interference. By enhancing the functioning of the nervous system, chiropractic aims to restore the health and integrity of the body, thereby facilitating the healing process and promoting recovery.

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