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Massage is one of the oldest healing traditions. Ancient populations, such as Greeks, Egyptians and Chinese, were convinced of the therapeutic properties of massage and used it to treat a variety of ailments.

Within our Chorley Clinic, our trained therapists are educated in skilfully and precisely working with a person’s muscles and other soft-tissue in order to improve their well-being or health. Finding a great massage therapist near you, can allow your body to work at its maximum level and give you a great performance.

The term ‘massage therapy’ is used to describe a wide variety of techniques that vary in the manner in which touch, pressure and the intensity of the treatment is applied. We treat patients from all over Lancashire, with manual therapy that includes holding, moving, and applying pressure to the muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia.



This is an application of various massage styles, not a particular massage technique. The type of technique or treatment applied is dependent on the nature of the stage of training or competition, sports injury or condition and the assessment of the remedial massage therapist.

Sport massage is a blend of techniques that aim to enhance performance and help overworked muscles to recover quickly.


Cupping therapy is an ancient technique of healing . During Dry Cupping, the cups are placed over areas of tension and a pumping mechanism is used to create a vacuum; lifting the soft tissue. This creates an upward stretch within the muscle and associated fascia. This vacuum increases blood flow and induces a stretch effect, which results in a reduction in muscle tension and increases muscle flexibility.
This can be done by leaving the cups in the same position over an area of tension or tightness, known as static cupping; or by sliding cupping when the cups are moved in a sliding motion over areas of tension or tightness.


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